No Need of Building Permit

By Ajay Singh

Two words: The article gives reader a brief idea about official process while renovation, extending or modifying own house. The objective of the article is to create awareness about legal formalities while re modelling Dream Home. No Need of Building Permit In Australia, it is highly mandatory to have official permission to take action in construction industry. Still there are few things which do not need Building Permit or official process to proceed in residential home.

1.0 Renovation & Addition Structural change

  1. The change will not affect the existing building structurally.
  2. To remove any building elements which support other parts of building.
  3. The change will not increase height of building and floor area of building.
  4. No involvement in underpinning to or footings. Material: Materials to be used are commonly used for building works or no new untested products. Change use of building: Minor changes which will not change purpose of living. Building permit is mandatory if going to change garage into living area or shop into office etc. Safety issue: The change will not have affect on safety of occupant or building. For example, relocation of partition wall or modification which will affects the fire safety. Neighbourhood issue & Heritage: The change will not affect the adjoining land adversely or heritage rule and regulation.

2.0 Sheds, Patios & Pergolas: A free standing shed or patio which is not attached with dwelling has floor area less than 10 sq m and height less than 2.4 m from the ground level. But in case of Pergolas, floor area less than 20 sq m.

3.0 Retaining walls: If the height of retaining wall is less than 50 cm, it is not located on boundary, no support to a building and no encroach to neighbour‘s land.

4.0 Fences & Screens: It is mandatory to have building permit if fence is masonry. It requires to get only fencing approval if dividing residential area over 1.8 m in height, fence within the front set back over 1.8 m in height.

5.0 Masts, Antenna or Similar: No need of building permits if the mast or antenna is no longer than 2 m.

6.0 Rainwater Tanks: No need of building permits if Rainwater Tanks with capacity of 5000 litres or less.

7.0 Installation of Photovoltaic Panels and Solar hot water system: No need to place solar cells and hot water systems on the roof of house, dwelling, shed and patios. About Author: He is Civil Engineer by profession and he is involved in ANZ BUILDERS WA and aSmart General Services.