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ANZ INSPECTIONS is a boutique and customer focused business which offers building and pest inspections services to Perth Metropolitan Area which will provide valuable insight about the condition of residential house prior to its sale or purchase.

The inspections are thorough and comprehensive with modern systems to produce detailed reports which are easy to understand and include full color digital photos meeting the Australian Standard Guidelines.

The latest equipments and tools including thermal imaging camera are used to produce the most accurate and comprehensive reports.

The inspectors are highly qualified have Engineering Degree, Member of Engineers Australia and Registered Building Practitioner.

The aim is to provide the efficient and effective hassle free services with sufficient information which guides the client to take right decision.

Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections

Our inspectors will closely examine subfloor areas (where applicable), brickwork, roof and roof void, property fencing, retaining walls, moisture defects in wet areas, attached garage etc.

Termites can cause in damage the property if left undetected and untreated and it can cost thousands of dollars. Our inspectors will determine the presence of termite and the damage caused by it by inspecting areas such as roof frame, internal timber elements (doors, windows, window frames etc) and external timber parts (patios, decking etc).

Progress Inspections / Practical Completion Inspections of New Homes

We offer inspections at each critical stages during construction process. Normally inspections are recommended at five critical stages. The 5 stages are the pre slab, wall to plate height, roof framing, lock up and handover stages.
Our inspectors will thoroughly assess each stage to ensure all workmanship by builders and tradesman are of a satisfactory standard.

Our Inspection Process

  • Pre Slab Stage
  • Wall to Plate Height
  • Roof Framing Stage
  • Lock up Stage
  • Handover Stage


  • Inspectors are Civil Engineers and Builders having experience more than 10 years
  • In depth knowledge of Building Code of Australia
  • Good knowledge of Repair and Maintenance Cost
  • Clear and Concise Reporting System within 24 hours in Easy Language with enough evidences
  • Conduct thorough inspections through latest technology